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Christina is a lovely teacher. She teaches quavers, crotchets, semi-breves and all the notes on the piano.

We laugh together and I love my lessons with Christina.


 - Niva, aged 8,

Christina is an incredible piano teacher. Her kind, gentle, bright and patient manner makes piano lessons enjoyable and engaging for her students. 


Our daughter started learning piano with Christina when she was 4 years old. Christina was the perfect teacher for a young beginner as she has the wonderful knack of making a lesson fun while keeping little ones focussed on their learning! 


Four years on, our daughter is now 8, and she still loves her lessons with Christina. She has learned the technical skills needed to play piano well, and in addition to this, Christina has taught her how to play with feeling and, most importantly, how to enjoy playing the piano.


Christina approaches music with creativity and sensitivity and she inspires her students to do the same. I feel really proud when my daughter confidently sits down and creates new melodies thanks to Christina's encouragement. 


We feel really lucky to have found Christina as she has been the perfect piano teacher.


 - Louise, aged 39 years and 335 days (I am still hanging on tight to my 30's!!! ha ha ha)


Christina was our son’s first piano teacher from the age of 6, and created a very warm and

encouraging atmosphere at the piano.


His comments after the first lesson were that she was really lovely, ‘not too strict’, and kind.


Christina was also able to mix formal teaching with some impromptu ‘composing’,

which worked really well.  

 - Ruth, North Fitzroy



Our kids aged 8 and 6 really enjoyed their lessons with Christina.


She got them from staring at a keyboard to actually playing piano, enjoying it and practising regularly. Music is now part of their lives in a happy and easy way.


The kids really responded to Christina's strong focus, exceptional musicality and warm manner.


-Penelope, North Melbourne



Christina is an outstanding piano teacher.


She has taught my teenage daughter Lucy for the past two years, with a focus on developing her technique, theory and musicality. Christina’s enjoyment and dedication to music is visible through her teaching style.  


She provides the perfect balance of attention and inspiration, with an emphasis on progress, to help Lucy focus and advance her piano skills.  


Christina is a very experienced and engaging teacher, and I would highly recommend her to any student wishing to pursue their music interests. 


Christina is the best piano teacher!


She is really patient and supportive and she helps me to do my best with every piece.


Christina has helped me to become more confident with my piano playing, and I really look forward to my lessons with her.


We work through the technical and exam material but Christina makes it more interesting and lets me learn fun pieces too, like pop songs or Christmas music.  


She is also a really nice person and I am lucky to have her as my teacher. 


- Jo (parent) and Lucy (student),  Parkville





Our daughter excelled in her piano playing under Christina’s superb tuition and enjoyed her lessons greatly.  


Christina brought both fun and rigour to the lessons ensuring a platform for further learning and a love of music. 


Alex is now progressing rapidly through higher levels of playing thanks to the foundation provided by Christina.


We unreservedly recommend Christina to any families seeking excellence in piano tuition.


- James and Tania, West Melbourne



We found Christina very punctual and well presented for each visit.  This helped to ensure that Jade treated her lessons as an extension of her education.


Christina has a good understanding of a seven year old beginner, which allowed learning in the best possible environment.


Such has been Jade's learning, that just recently she played a solo piece in front of her whole school at general assembly.


Not only has Christina educated Jade with her lessons, she has also empowered and instilled great confidence in Jade.


We highly recommend Christina to any family, looking to introduce their children or themselves to the piano.


 - Angela, East Melbourne


For the last four years Christina has taught all my four children to play piano.


They love their lessons and practice  readily because they were all so happy with Christina.


As a result of their years of learning with Christina they have all matured and their lives have been enriched.


- Nicole, Double Bay

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